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About The JugFest

Crawford County was a major pottery center in the 1800s and into the 1930s. “Jug makers” from the Long, Merritt, Becham, Averett, Yaughn, Marshall, Bryant, Pyles, and other families shipped their churns, storage jars, jugs, bowls, pitchers, chicken waterers and ant traps all over the Southeast.  The county’s clay is still prized today by folk and studio potters.

In celebration of the pottery-making heritage of Crawford County, the annual Georgia JugFest and Old Knoxville Days, offers a look back to a time when folks learned life skills necessary to provide comfort to their existence.  This Middle Georgia festival features the best of those long ago skills that evolved into talents for creating works-of-art that are still sought after today.

The Crawford County Historical Society’s festival proceeds are designated for development of the Old Courthouse Cultural Center which will include the Middle Georgia Folk Pottery Museum.  Proceeds from Roberta-Crawford County Chamber of Commerce activities are used for community and economic development.

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